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Hiking - Lagoa do Fogo

Explore the fauna and flora!

Quick Details

Adult 11+
Child 4-10
Infant 0-3

About Your Lagoa do Fogo Hike

The day starts with a journey towards Pico da Barrosa, one of the highest peaks of the island at 950 meters in height, with a panoramic view of the center and the eastern part of São Miguel Island and one of the most extraordinary views of Lagoa do Fogo.

The Lagoa do Fogo is located in a nature reserve of São Miguel parks. Its beauty and serenity reflect the true wonder of nature, which maintains its wild and primitive landscape. The descent to the lake is a short but steep walk on a narrow trail. Along the way, you find endemic species of fauna and flora.

Immerse yourself in this magnificent place, with the melodious sound of birds, and feel the natural aroma that exudes from the plants. At the end of the trail, we reach the beach of Lagoa do Fogo. Take the opportunity to enjoy the immensity of this spot that inspires peace and well-being. You can also immerse yourself in the waters of this beautiful lake, feel the power of nature, and invigorate body and soul.

To end the day, we stop in the historic center of the city of Ribeira Grande to taste the traditional sweet liquors made from fruit from the island. We then return to Ponta Delgada.