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Furnas - Chef for a day

Fish, vegetables, wine, and regional bread

Quick Details

Adult 11+
Child 4-10
Infant 0-3

About Your Furnas Food Tour – Minimum 4 People

Explore Furnas Lagoon and enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by local chefs. The day begins with pick-up at your hotel at 07:45 am, stopping at the Graça Market to buy ingredients for lunch (fish, vegetables, wine, and regional bread). We then drive to Furnas with a stop in Vila Franca do Campo to taste the famous Queijada da Vila.

In the Furnas Lagoon, it is time for the chefs to show their skills in cooking lunch. While they prepare lunch, we start our walking tour around the Furnas Lagoon, ending in the village of Furnas (very easy walk), with the possibility of a dip in the hot springs of Poça da Dona Beija.

We then return to the area of ​​the lagoon (Caldeiras) to enjoy lunch, which is served in the zone reserved for picnics around the lagoon.

After lunch, we return to the road (north coast), making a stop in the sour waters of Furnas. We then continue to the viewpoint of Pico do Ferro and enjoy 4 o’clock tea in Fábrica de Chá da Gorreana.

We pass through the viewpoint of Santa Iria, then return to the hotel.